Business law is the legal framework that encompasses rules and regulations that govern commercial relationships and impact how companies are conducted and managed.

Our attorneys advise businesses, ranging from startups to thriving enterprises, on international, federal, state, and local business law.

Our lawyers help our clients integrate foreign and domestic regulations into their global business strategy.

Our business lawyers assist foreign companies understand and navigate the U.S. corporate compliance landscape by “domesticating” U.S. regulations and by weighing how these requirements affect businesses’ long-term decisions and day-to-day operations.

Our business lawyer counsel our U.S. clients with domestic and foreign compliance requirements that affect how they conduct their businesses in areas such as business registration, certification, product approval, developing compliance handbooks, and best practices guides.

We have prior experience advising companies with regards to the following:

  • Corporate LLC formation and maintenance
  • Business planning
  • Business contracts
  • Business leases
  • Business sales & purchases
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Distribution agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Customs Detentions