Legal systems in the U.S. and abroad impact the way companies conduct domestic and international business both internally, and with each other, regardless of their jurisdiction.

International law is the collection of treaties and agreements governing the interaction of international business transactions.

Our international law practice focuses on integrating both local and foreign regulations into business strategy. Specifically, we assist clients based outside the U.S. to “domesticate” U.S. regulations, and clients located within the U.S. to comply with foreign requirements.

Our global Network of international attorneys works collaboratively to assist our clients understand how domestic and international issues converge. We have previously advised our clients in the following international law areas:

  • International business agreements
  • International business litigation
  • International business mediation & arbitration
  • Compliance for business operation (Domestic and International)
  • Certification, filing, and registration (Domestic and International)
  • Drafting guidelines, policies, and procedures (Domestic and International)